BLIX - Hands-on experience in wind energy
Panoramafoto_WPMCP_Bron_Eneco1200 Source: BLIX Consultancy BV Albert_Van_Der_Hem blix_novoslider_01 Maarten_1200PXcool Visdiefjes Source: Ecofys Impressie Windpark Zwartenbergseweg1200 Hennie_houdt_toezicht_1200 Jacket installed C-Power_1200 Source: Van Oord Slider - Belwind20100212_Streeff.nl0117 Source: BLIX Consultancy BV Source: BLIX Consultancy BV

How can BLIX be of service?

Wind energy on land and at sea, that is our expertise

Our consultants offer independent advice on wind energy projects. We achieve the lowest cost of energy and the highest return for shareholders at the lowest risk. Our team has a hands-on approach. Hands-on experience and a sensible view on the matter, that is BLIX >>

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On top of the wave

It seems like the renewable energy transition is moving forward with such momentum that there is no way back. Last month…

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