Mümin Raif

Mümin Raif (31) is Medior Project Manager at BLIX. He holds a BSc degree in Electronics Engineering from Sabancı University, Istanbul. For the past six years, he has worked as a Project Engineer at Dost Enerji in Istanbul, a wind farm developer and owner of four operational onshore wind farms. There he fulfilled various roles during the development, contracting, construction and operational phases of these projects.

Mümin started his career in the energy sector as a Project Engineer where he was responsible for various feasibility studies and micro-siting of new developments of wind farm projects. He also conducted contractual and financial negotiations with wind turbine suppliers, civil and electrical infrastructure contractors and financial institutions. During the construction phase of the company's wind farms, he coordinated project teams from his own company, wind turbine suppliers and subcontractors. He acted as the point of contact for the project management teams of these parties and was also responsible for the calculations and control of payments.

Mümin is structured, analytical and enthusiastic about wind energy. By participating in different phases of wind energy projects, he has developed an all-round perspective of wind energy projects, which is crucial for the smooth running of these projects. Combined with his sales experience from an earlier stage in his professional career, Mümin is a solid Project Manager.

“For a better future, sustainability is a must and to be able to reach a sustainable world, we need to increase our renewable energy usage. I am very happy to be a part of BLIX Consultancy and working towards this goal.”