Tim Drummen

Tim Drummen is Senior Consultant and Project Manager at BLIX. Tim has more than 10 years of experience in geotechnical engineering and business development, particularly in the offshore wind industry. Previously, he worked as business developer where he was responsible for promoting a novel foundation concept for offshore wind turbines, and for the technical interface between the client and the internal technical team. Tim also worked as a senior geotechnical engineer. Here he gained tremendous experience with offshore foundation concepts, geotechnical engineering methods, geo-data integration and offshore site investigation techniques. As a geotechnical project engineer, Tim has hands-on experience with offshore geotechnical site investigations around the world.

Tim is social, purpose-driven, critical and structured. He is perfectly able to listen to the needs of a business partner and transfer these into fit-for-purpose solutions. He thrives by the combination of technical, commercial and strategic challenges and is able to communicate with different levels in an organization. The offshore wind industry is of particular interest to Tim, because of his personal believes and because of the many opportunities in this challenging young industry.